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Live Streaming Platform

Rapid streaming of your live events at the highest quality & lowest latency

All It Takes For an Interactive Live Streaming

Pack of Proficient Broadcasting Tools for a Seamless Live Streaming

Flawless Adaptive streaming

Effortlessly adapt to varying internet speed and video size to deliver the best streaming experience with HLS and MPEG-DASH standards.

On-Premises Streaming

Deliver content rapidly using your own infrastructure and storage servers. Hold complete control of resources for easy customization and cost-efficiency.

Any-Device Streaming

Keep your audience range as large as possible with our highly compatible players that work smoothly on any device or browser.

4K Resolution

Push your limits and stay ahead of the lot with seamless 4K streaming; with adaptable codec standards, balance quality & experience.

RTMP Live streaming

Leverage existing Real-Time Messaging Protocol or RTMP for simulcast streaming to a large scale of viewers with ultra-low latency.

Live to VOD

Enable a video playback of your streaming content and add it to your collection by Live recording and saving it for future access.

Flexible Deployment

Ensure a flexible deployment of your live video streaming platform on your premises or cloud or even a hybrid approach for cost & service efficiency.

Customizable Video player

Live streaming solutions with white-labelled customizable video players, compatible to stream live videos to multiple platforms coherently.

Ultra-low Latency Streaming for a Seamless Live Stream

Reliable real-time engagement with low latency

  • Ensure easy scalability for your live streaming platform
  • Quick & easy to publish open source technology
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Superior video & audio quality under varying network connections
  • Compatible across browsers and devices
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a safe, reliable & fast protocol from Apple
  • Adaptive streaming allows users to switch between video quality anytime for uninterrupted streaming
  • Compatible across browsers and firewall
  • Highest quality irrespective of network speed & bandwidth
  • End-to-end secure live videos with AES encryption
  • Lowest latency even with large volumes of simulcast streaming
  • Optimized software and hardware resources

Real-time Video Analytics

Analyse. Optimize. Outperform.

Measure user engagement levels of the live stream with ‘average watch time’ to understand a video’s real success in reaching its audience.

The quality of service offered is what retains the audience. Measure metrics like loading time, buffering, compatibility and latency to improve user experience.

AMA as a metric helps measure the average unique users for each minute. This detailing helps one understand where audiences stay and where they leave.

As the other metrics help understand how the user experience and engagement work, CTA is the vital metric that tracks and measures the actual business turn-over.

Tracking new playback sessions at required intervals helps understand the real progress/ increase in the number of new users/ subscribers.

Record interaction statistics on your live video streaming platform to understand how invested and attentive the audiences are. It helps in catering to users with suitable content.

Innorelay’s Live Streaming Solutions

Build a live streaming platform for anything & everything

Live casino

With our high definition real-time streaming, experience immersive Casino with interactive bets and deals. Don’t miss a single card shuffle!

Live sports betting

With Innorelay’s best live streaming solutions, create customizable sports betting and booking services: ensure a secure & interactive trading workflow.

Virtual classroom

Innorelay’s advanced live streaming technology facilitates face-to-face collaboration with interactive virtual classrooms & conferences that work smoothly on any device.

VR Live streaming

As a part of the growing remote culture, Virtual Reality is the best solution for live streaming to give your audience an immersive communication and entertainment experience.

Live commerce

The digital world has shaken the core of every possible business. With booming online retail markets, be future proof with live commerce embedded with live streaming solutions.

Live sports

With live matches, replays, highlights and catch-ups merged with HD streaming, get into the list of top live streaming platforms with ever-increasing subscribers (read fans).

Radio Live Streaming

Internet radio is cheaper and easier to deploy compared to traditional FM/AM radio. Utilize live web streaming solutions to set up a live radio and monetize with targeted Ads.

Security and Surveillance

Use live video streaming solutions to deliver boundless security and surveillance features: safeguard & protect where the eyes can’t reach.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

From learning medical procedures to running live diagnostics to performing live surgeries, technology plays a major role in medical advancements.

Space exploration

With Innorelay’s robust technology, build a live streaming video platform that can power research centres and scientists with ultra-low latency live videos from space.

Host Meetings

Innorelay is one of the best live streaming solution providers that facilitates scheduling and hosting live & interactive virtual meetings with a secure & customizable interface.

Live concerts

Reimagine the experience of being present at a live concert with our highly advanced technology aiding HD simulcast live streaming with secured paywalls & monetization models.

Broadcast ceremonies

Broadcast live events like graduation or award ceremonies via your own white-labelled live streaming video platform with interactive chat & comment interfaces, and also avoiding Ads.

Keep your audience engaged while you live stream

Smart, flexible & interactive chats for audience retention

Live chat

Make live announcements or take customer feedback or simply let them communicate with each other with customizable and interactive chat windows.

Private Chat

The chat windows also allow participants to initiate private chats with individuals or groups during a live event with customizable themes and icons.

Live Commenting

Enable or disable Comments on your live video streaming. Commenting lets the audience stay connected, and keeps them responsive & interactive.

Polls / Q&As

Creates polls and Q&A sessions for your live streams to understand your audience and drive live meetings accordingly to keep the group invested.

Multi-platform live streaming with Simulcast

Maximize your audience base and reach

Simulcast streaming

By broadcasting simultaneously or Simulcasting you can stream live video across multiple platforms at once and attain huge traffic. Innorelay is a live streaming platform provider that offers seamless simulcasting with robust share codes and encoders.

  • Reach your viewers anywhere (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.)
  • Ingest multiple protocols for increased platform compatibility
  • Add new platforms during a live stream

Monetization models for your Live Stream

Choose apt revenue models and strategies that suit you

Security and Privacy as a Fundamental Parameter

Content protection with secure video streaming

Innorelay is a live streaming solution provider with benchmark security standards. With Advanced Encryption Standards, your live video will be end-to-end encoded.

While implementing cross-platform live video streaming, it is Important to ensure control: IP restriction is an efficient security layer that provides geography-specific regulations.

Domain whitelisting is another selective security measure where users can access your live streams and videos only on or through selective white-listed domains.

Password protection is the basic and mandatory entry-level protection any platform needs, to grant access to specific users only.

While you live stream to multiple platforms, dynamic token security takes care of the cross-platform legitimacy using tokenized video delivery systems.

Innorelay not only protects your content; it also uses super-protective SSL/TLS encrypted secure paywalls that banks use, to protect your customer’s financial data.

Innorelay ensures the protection of your stream’s privacy & integrity from eavesdropping and tampering, using HTTPS video delivery protocol.

Protect every user’s data and your platform from unauthorized access: grant access to legitimate users only after a multi-factor authentication mechanism.

Industry-wise media streaming solutions

Powerful Architecture for Live Video Streaming Solutions

Future of live streaming experience


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