Privacy Policy

Innorelay is fully committed to protecting your privacy and respects the information you share on our website. Our privacy policy is applicable to all products, services, and websites offered by Innorelay, and by visiting our pages, you are accepting our policy, terms & conditions, and practices mentioned on the privacy policy page. This privacy policy page clearly informs you of what we do with your personal and non-personal information shared with us on our website. We may update or post product-specific privacy policies whenever required. You can visit this page anytime and review our policy.

Collection of information

While you visit our website we collect and use your information for a better user experience and improved website performance. Here is the list of information that we acquire:

  • Internet access logs – when you access our web pages, your browser’s domain name and internet address are automatically collected and stored in our internet access logs
  • Voluntary personal information – you can visit Innorelay without sharing any personal information. However, if you choose to share your details like name, address, mobile number, location, or email address, they can be stored with us and used at Innorelay or third-party service providers across borders. We take extreme care in protecting your personal information as it is being collected, transferred and used
  • Usage Information – To improve our quality of service, we track your usage records on our website. We collect information about the pages you visit and the communities you subscribe to give you a better web experience

Session and persistent cookies

We use cookies to get visitor statistics that in turn can be used for a variety of purposes. The information gathered about your browser and device with the help of cookies aid in improving our website’s overall performance. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with our Services. These cookies combine and analyze the usage of our web pages by all our users and overall web traffic to optimize and improve our services. The information collected is only for statistical and analytical purposes; we do not collect or access any personal information about the user. Cookies are usually automatically accepted by most browsers, but you can choose to disable them using your browser settings. However, some web services may not function properly when cookies are disabled.

Preferred cookies: We suggest not disabling ‘Form Cookies’ and ‘Site Preference Cookies’ to have a better experience on our website.

How do we use your information?

As highlighted earlier, we collect and use the information provided by you to improve our services and measure our performance. Besides that, we may use the information for other purposes too, in the following ways.

  • Authenticate your access to our website and prevent any unauthorized access
  • Give quick and easy access to our products and services for you based on your preference
  • Give more details about services and products that may interest you, if you have opted to get intimated by us
  • Prompt updates and notifications about our new launches and modifications
  • Provide more relevant advertisements through third-party sites
  • email and SMS notifications about our new services. If you have previously used our services

All these usages are authorized only based on your consent. You can decide to opt-out anytime you wish.

Security of personal information

We give utmost importance to the protection of your data against unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, and destruction. We are committed to respecting your privacy and adopting appropriate encryption and physical security measures to safeguard your personal information. However, user alertness and awareness are also equally important in the digital world. The Internet is not always safe and fully secure and it can be compromised easily. We can not ensure data security for every electronic transaction made and such activities are to be performed at your own risk.

Sharing and disclosure of your data

Your personal information is safe with us. We do not sell or trade your personal data to any third-party operations. Exceptionally we may share some generic information that doesn’t identify you directly. Here are some examples:

  • Sharing user preferences with trusted partners
  • Data that lead to relevant advertisements
  • Complied user traffic for site improvements
  • Generic preferences for marketing purposes

Connected links and websites

We keep track of how you interact with links provided on our website, email notifications, or third-party services; but, we neither control the privacy policy of such third-party sites nor share our policy with them. We do not validate or vouch for third-party privacy policies and it is recommended to review their policy before you share any personal information.

Third-party and Service providers

Some third-party services help us in different ways, like hosting our Services; Google Analytics for example. These third-party service providers may collect information sent by your browser as part of a web page request, such as cookies or your IP address. The collection and use of that information are subject to the third-party’s privacy policy.

Enforcement and updates to the privacy policy

At Innorelay, we regularly review our safety compliance and update the privacy policy accordingly. We act on feedback and respond responsibly to users in the form of clear policies and compliance standards. We will not exploit your digital data sharing rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. As users of our website, you have the equal responsibility to regularly keep a check on our privacy policy updates. We will take maximum efforts in protecting your personal information and we also recommend you to periodically review and stay informed about any policy changes or updates.

Your acceptance to this policy and terms

We hope the above information has given you enough clarity about our privacy policy and usage terms. If you are unclear of any details or if you are still looking for some more information about our policies, you can reach out to us via the Contact Us link. If you are using our website, you indicate your acceptance of our privacy policy and terms. If you don't agree to this policy, please refrain from visiting our site; continued visits to our site only constitute your acceptance to our privacy policy and terms.