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How to build your dream OTT platform? Innorelay is one of the leading OTT solution providers in India that helps you launch your own multi-screen OTT Video on Demand platform like Netflix, with end-to-end customization and complete IT support.

OTT Live streaming has now become simpler than ever. Seamlessly stream TV channels, sports and events with fully customized platform features that gives your users the best live experience with lowest latency and highest video quality.

Despite the rise of many OTT video platforms and solutions, Linear TV format still has a huge audience base. Along with your existing OTT VOD & live streaming solutions, expand your user base by including durable TV programs using IPTV solutions.

With Innorelay’s OTT video solutions, give your platform the flexibility to DVR your Live streaming videos. This lets your viewers pause, rewind or resume a live stream or even archive and access later.

Hybrid IPTV is the solution that clubs the benefits of OTT and IPTV. Our OTT technology combines traditional TV services with IP-based ones to provide videos at higher speed and also expanding the offerings to your subscribers.

Provide your users the comfort to choose when to watch their favourite programs. Catch-up TV allows time shifted playback with the ability to rewind and jump to selected sections of the video. With the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) users can choose the required program and view in any device.

Qualities that Enrich OTT Streaming Experience

When user experience matters

Concurrent users

Build an OTT platform that can accommodate millions of concurrent users. With increased Live-streaming contents like sports, Innorelay as an OTT solution provider can provide an uninterrupted streaming experience and make sure the audiences stay connected to the OTT service.

Multi-codec Video delivery

OTT streaming services need to ensure hassle-free video playback and codecs play a key role in distribution of digital videos online. A multi-codec video delivery enables highest quality, lowest bandwidth and compatibility across devices and browsers.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive streaming can adapt to the internet speed and also create compatible intermediate videos for multiple devices. Irrespective of the connection or the device, adaptive bitrate streaming provides the best video quality and viewing experience with very little buffering.

Live chat

With our lightweight & efficient MQTT messaging protocol, you can enjoy a live event and also engage with the audience in a real-time live chat. Now, watch a live sports event on your device and chat with your friends like in a stadium!

Ultra-low latency

Innorelay is an OTT solution provider that aims at giving the best possible video viewing experience. Our solutions offer the highest video quality and consistent real-time video streaming with ultra-low latency giving a buffer-less viewing experience across devices and browsers.

Streaming protocol

Innorelay uses HTTP live streaming protocol (HLS) developed by Apple, to deliver quality videos across devices. Be it any live streaming, the protocol setting allows users to switch the video quality anytime based on the internet speed for uninterrupted viewing.

Group watch

Group watching is the new way of get-together. Innorelay synchronizes video playback to multiple users who can add groups and watch the videos together and also engage in chats to stay connected for fun.

Account control

Like most OTT platform providers, Innorelay also supports different levels of controls and customizations on the user’s Account. Users can create and manage multiple profiles to have parental control over the content.

Benchmarking Features for Your OTT Platform:

Customizable features for a unique platform

HD Streaming

Broadcast videos at Full HD quality across devices and browsers with adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure best viewing experience.

Hybrid Platform

Customize and create a hybrid platform that works on multiple revenue models and make sure the platform gets a solid consumer base.

Metadata Management

Adding rich metadata information for videos make it more discoverable and easier to search and access your content.


Defend piracy and secure your videos with watermarking features that displays the video’s source or an image as an overlay.


Connect with your viewers in their language and also create a larger audience base with multi-language video streaming support.


Reach users globally with your content and allow them to pay and access your platform in their local currencies.


Create a space for viewers to rate and review your videos to understand their opinion and connect better.

Multi Payment Gateways

Enable and approve payments via multiple gateways to ensure more successful transactions.

Login Management

Control and manage access to your platform by restricting the number of devices and logins per subscription.

Block Piracy

Block screen capture of videos on devices and restrict recording with image overlays.


Create a fully customized platform with no reference to Innorelay anywhere in the software.

Embed videos

Allow videos to be embedded from 3rd party sites like YouTube seamlessly into your platform.

Advanced Video Analytics and Actionable Insights

Analyse. Optimize. Reinvent.

How to build your dream OTT platform? Innovideo is one of the leading OTT solution providers in India that helps you launch your own multi-screen OTT Video on Demand platform like Netflix, with end-to-end customization and complete IT support.

Track viewers who are joining the streaming and analyse the rate of increase/decrease.

Tracking the age group of the users who access your content is a vital statistic to understand and cater to your target audience.

Gender based analytics is another approach to get a wider perspective of how a content is conceived.

Track user activity by geography and analyse how your content works for a specific location & optimize accordingly.

Track and analyse activities by users on each video on your platform based on different time zones from which the access.

Measure the success or consumption of your platform by tracking the average time each video is being watched across devices & locations.

Videos are accessed across multiple devices. Device specific analytics are key to optimize the services offered based on device usage.

Flawless OTT Video Distribution

Stable content delivered

On cloud / On premises

Depending on your platform’s need and IT model, deploy your resources with a cloud partner or in an on-premise environment. Cloud or On-premise both have their own benefits of cost, security and control. You can even choose a balance and opt for a hybrid solution.


Innorelay uses best and fastest Content Delivery Network providers like Cloudfare and Akamai. Our service assures faster video loads and rich user experience. CDN’s geographically distributed servers and data centres provide optimized performance with zero downtime.

Smart Interface for a Rich OTT Viewing Experience

Store, organize and manage videos


Upload and transcode multiple videos on to the server under no time with optimized bitrate technology.


Stream Live sessions and publish existing videos onto the platform quickly with no delay.


Create a customized user interface to easily manage video libraries. Keep your videos secured.

Monetization Models for Your OTT content

Choose what works for you



Design your own subscription plans (monthly/ quarterly/ yearly) to access content across your platform. Also offer free trials to attract more users.



Transactional VOD or Pay per view (PPV) allows monetization of content via one-time payment for permanent access or periodic rentals.



Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party Video Ad servers and Monetize with Ad-supported OTT. Users can access the platform for free and stream videos with Ads.


Geo targeted Ads

Based on Geo level tracking, improve Ad effectiveness by focusing on optimized Ads that are more relevant to the locality.

Innovative Security Strategies for your OTT

Fully protected platform

Ensure high standard encryption for your original content and protect it from online piracy and unauthorized access. Our OTT DRM solutions secure your content firmly, making sure you get back every penny that belongs to you.

Security is a serious business. We use industry specified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to securely encrypt your video files. Using a powerful 128-bit encryption algorithm, AES Crypt can safely secure your most sensitive files.

Create customized access controls for your platform and restrict access to subscribers based on personalized criterions. Make sure your content stays safe from unauthorized and duplicate access.

Robust OTT TV Streaming Architecture

Hassle-free streaming experience


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