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Multi Browser Support

Innorelay gives you the best cross-browser compatibility for best playback quality across any device.

Geo Block

Our Video on Demand solution enables blocking partial/entire content based on country/region.

Offline Viewing

Gives your users the flexibility to download and view videos without internet connectivity

Own Branding

Create a complete white-labelled video on demand platform with no mention of Innorelay anywhere.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

A video on demand solution provider that ensures best viewing experience with very little buffering.

Multi Codec Support

Our Video on Demand streaming with multi codec approach ensures double the quality with reduced bandwidth.

HLS and MPEG- Dash Support

HLS and MPEG-Dash protocols make it possible to stream videos at best quality & also easily switch video quality anytime.

Analytics & Reports

Get deeper analysis of your platform’s performance. Learn. Optimize. Grow.

Track and analyse all videos on your subscription-based VOD platform. Innorelay provides user level aggregated data to help you understand what’s working and what’s not, for your platform.

The geolocation tracking feature enables you to capture latitude and longitude information for every user on your platform. Such reporting can help you create content based on geographical reach and response.

Innorelay’s customizable tools help augment and create a holistic view of user activities across devices, thus helping in better audience understanding to design right campaigns and grow your platform.

Innorelay’s detailed revenue reports help you categorize your contents as per viewer’s engagement and create suitable monetization plans. Filter reports by revenue type and measure the reach of your content to improve & redesign business models

User Behaviour analytics focuses on what the user is doing on your Video on Demand platform. This feature tracks user footprints and searches for unusual or anomalous behaviour. Such a report can help quickly spot threatening behaviour and minimize damage.

When it comes to video on demand, a user can consume videos via multiple devices and screens. With Innorelay as your solution provider, be rest assured with finger-tip Analytics and Reports of user’s device level data on your platform.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Built-in CDN for faster page loads & 100% service uptime

Multi CDN Support

Innorelay’s video on demand solution comes with a built-in leading CDN’s support (AWS CloudFront or Akamai), that helps you in streaming your videos to viewers across the globe without buffering issues.

Ultra-Low Latency

With our streaming protocols and technology give your users the best live streaming experience with lowest latency. Irrespective of the device or browser, Innorelay ensures real-time watching with highest video quality.

CDN Edge Servers

Our CDN Edge servers store content cache in strategic locations to reduce load on the origin servers. Creating such caches near the user/client machine assures faster page loads even in rural parts of India.

Absolute security for your videos

Proactive defence systems that protect your platform

For a Video on demand platform provider, security is of foremost importance. We should ensure the safety of user data while monetizing videos and dealing with payment gateways. We use industry standard SSL Encryption ensuring a secure paywall, protecting customer data.

Create a customizable Access Control policy for your platform. Such security controls authenticate and authorize individuals to access only the assigned content on your website. This helps avoiding data breach and monetization losses by identifying unauthorized access.

Web Application Filter (WAF) protects your website servers against intrusions. WAF monitors and blocks malicious traffic directed to your platform. Our service secures your core business data and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks.

Create customized multi-factor authentication for your application. Grant access to content only after a 2-step verification process to make sure only authentic users access your platform and the rest of the disposable Emails are filtered for the registration process.

Digital rights management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. The purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they've purchased, thus avoiding a loss in Revenue.

Monetization Models for Your VOD Platform

Tap where the potential is


Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party Video Ad servers and Monetize with Ad-supported VOD.


Transactional VOD or Pay per view (PPV) allows monetization of content via one-time rentals.


Design your own subscription plans. Also offer free trials to attract more users.

Enrich Performance with Scalable VOD Architecture

Ready, already!

Cloud Hosting for Improved Video Performance

End-to-end IT Infrastructure

Multi Cloud Infrastructure

Improved speed flexibility & proximity. Reduced buffering & latency


Reliable and optimizable in-house deployment fully under your control.

Infinite Scalability

Flexibility to increase/decrease the volume of power or storage, on demand.

Zero Downtime

Ensure zero downtime through distributed load balancing & clustered databases.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Logging

Proactively identify issues & create root-cause analysis via monitoring & logging

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